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Farewell to the Class of 2018

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MOST OF THE BOYS IN THE UPPER SIXTH joined us almost seven years ago and today we said farewell to them in an atmosphere one can only describe as carnival-like. Fancy dress was the order of the day (how they travelled through London dressed as they were we do not wish to imagine) and all enjoyed a buffet with the staff and an extremely taxing inflatable assault course. This followed an excellent leavers' event on Thursday night, organised by the Senior Prefects and attended by the staff at their request, where speeches were made and some dubious awards collected.

The Sixth Form is the engine room of the school. It sets the tone and determines the standards. What has been striking in these closing days is the determination they show and the importance they place on friendship. Arriving as boys, they leave as gentlemen; and having made their mark on the school, it is now time for them to make their mark on the world. Good luck and never forget, non sibi sed omnibus.

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End Hunger UK Poetry Competition

Rohan Chakrabotry of Year 12 has this week been awarded 3rd prize in a national poetry competition. End Hunger UK ran a national writing competition aiming to draw attention to the scandal of UK Hunger. Rohan won 3rd prize in the 16-18 age category for his poem 'Concerning A Letter Written To My Local Council, Signed Your Conscience', which you can see printed below.

Rohan's poem will be published and included in a UK-wide touring exhibition as part of the End Hunger UK campaign, giving Rohan the chance to make real change through his writing. Well done, Rohan, on this very impressive achievement – particularly during your AS exams!

Concerning A Letter Written To My Local Council, Signed Your Conscience

i feel sickened as the plot thickens in the kitchen the broth of nothingness starts brimming and it feels like i’m
i daren’t complain, though i daresay i feel pain, though i feel half a man
i look it
and i feel it, my ribs don’t protrude like you see on YouTube but my head throbs and tightens like laces on

‘You crazy youth’ / ‘ You lazy yob!’

YoU DoN’t FaZe Me, FoBs, YoU’vE gOt EnOuGh MoNeY wItHoUt WoRkInG a JoB
i do work a job, i package food that I cannot touch, Tantalus, you hush
i know you’re in a rush, the stories I tell aren’t just a lie
children scrape at my thighs, scrape scraps like they’re sent from God on high
we have no dignity to beg. the only glut I have is love, it’s the only weight i can


Sports News

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Player of the Week

A quiet week for matches but there have been some great performances in that time. In the one U15 game, it was the batting not the bowling of Arya Shah (photo) that was notable with a near half century as he hit 47. For the U14 As Jackson Ellis, Moksh Sachdeva and Ellis Jarrold all hit runs in a big total against Lingfield. In the two U13 A team matches, Udith Molanguri took 2 wickets and made 53 in one of the games, whilst Arnav Patnaik was in the runs with 23 and 50 not out. Aditya Kalel also batted well with 21 off 21 balls. For the U13 Bs, Ayush Mehotra took 2-3, Will Evans made 28 not out and Ammaar Hasan took 2-20 and hit 22 not out. Finally, in the U12 A game Zain Khan and Conor O'Shea took 2 wickets each whilst Harry Endacott and Dylan Patel both batted very well making 33 and 23 respectively. The Player of the Week is one of the U12 A team players and goes to Han-Joon Kymm for his remarkable bowling figures of 3.2 overs 2 maidens 4 wickets for 2 runs which included a hat trick of 3 wickets in 3 balls (plus a nose bleed).
Team of the Week

Although it was a quiet last seven days for matches there were still some good team performances. The U14 As bounced back from their Surrey Cup exit to go on a run spree against Lingfield hitting 194 in 20 overs in a comfortable win. The U13 Bs had a very good win over Caterham School and the U12 As came through some tricky stages of their game against Lingfield to win by 7 wickets displaying some good character. The Team of the Week though are the U13 A team who executed a very good run chase to reach the 136 target set by Caterham School and then kept up their good form by achieving a deserved victory over Lingfield so well done to the U13 As.
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Wilson's U12 vs Lingfield cricket report
by Dylan Patel

On the day of the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup final (the main talk of the town), Wilson's U12 A played Lingfield. To be honest, the bowling didn't get off to the greatest of starts, with Lingfield 75-3 off 11 overs led by their top 3 which included a Surrey player. However, Wilson's managed to claw back the game led by Conor O'Shea and Zain Khan with 2 wickets each and Han-Joon with 4 wickets in 3.2 overs for 2 runs. Lingfield managed to score 104 all out after 19.1 overs. Han, the pick of the bowlers, achieved a spectacular hat-trick. Next Wilson's had to get 105 to win. Things started off shakily with Arjun getting run out early. Harry and Zain then steadied the ship, but then Harry got bowled after a wonderful and confident innings of 33. Next it was my turn in at number 4. I got 23 off 24 balls to reduce the run rate from around 6-8 to around 3 an over. However, I also got bowled out. From then on it was plain sailing with Han staying till the end for 0 of 2, with Zain who scored 17 runs not out. The rest of the team did not need to bat. Overall it was a great day for the U12As. The Man of the Match was Han-Joon (photo, left).

Tuesday 15 May

Wilson’s vs Caterham School
U13A won by 8 wickets
U13B won by 7 wickets

Thursday 17 May

Wilson’s vs. St George’s Weybridge (Surrey Cup)
U14A lost by 94 runs

Saturday 19 May

Wilson’s vs. Ewell Castle A Teams
U15B lost by 7 wickets
U14B lost by 8 wickets
U13B lost by 5 wickets

Wilson’s vs. Lingfield College
U14A won by 121 runs
U13A won by 50 runs
U12A won by 7 wickets

Looking Ahead

  • Monday 28 May - Friday 1 June HALF-TERM HOLIDAY
  • Monday 4 June - Term Begins
  • Wednesday 6 June to Friday 8 June - Years 7 & 8 Internal Exams
  • Thursday 7 June - Y9 Parents’ Evening
  • Friday 8 June - Y12 Public Exams end
  • Friday 15 June - Art GCSE and GCE Exhibition
  • Wednesday 20 June - Early Finish (1.05 p.m.)
  • Thursday 21 June - Y11 Book Return & Y11 Public Exams end

Deputy Head's Reminder

Non Sibi Sed Omnibus! (25 May)

We are deeply proud of our Year 13 students, who leave us today to begin their Study Leave in the run up to their final A level examinations. These last few weeks have given us many reasons to reflect on their virtues. They are genuine role models for younger pupils. Thank you, gentlemen, and good luck!
In the Lower School we look to reward students who have gone above and beyond in lessons and in extra-curricular activities. Our congratulations go to those named below.
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Jihoon (7G) for showing an incredibly responsible attitude in a difficult situation
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Monmoy of 8B, for showing a hugely positive attitude to school and his learning
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