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Success in Classical Quiz

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ONCE AGAIN Wilson's come away with the top prize in the annual Classical Quiz organised by the Old Palace School of John Whitgift. The event is organised by the girls' school for budding year 9 and year 10 Classicists in the area as a way to promote the study of the Classical World, as well as to allow Classicists from different schools to get to know each other.

Before the event the students and the teachers held long discussions, over coffee, about a variety of topics on Latin and Classics. Though some were certainly more concerned that they should arrive fully fed... Once we arrived, the students were separated into teams and they had the chance to get to know students from other schools, such as Nonsuch High School and Trinity School, while tackling the challenges with which they were presented. Whilst some considered the challenge to be "how many cupcakes can be taken in one hand during refreshments?" all considered questions about myths, history, literature and the Classical World in general.

In the end, the top three teams were announced. Not only were Wilson's boys heavily involved in all three teams, the top team was mostly comprised of our year 9s of Jae Hun Ko (9B), Marat Yusupov (9B2), Niall Byrne (9H) and Alex Merry (9H2). When the winners were announced, the team reacted as if they had won the World Cup! The top team received books (and praise points) for their effort. More importantly, everyone had fun and forged some new friendships with boys and girls from other schools. Well done to everyone involved!

Can you answer some of the questions in the quiz?

  1. What is the modern name for Byzantium?
  2. How many hills was Rome built on?
  3. What does cave canem mean?
If you are a budding year 7 or 8 Classicist and you think you know the answers, email
for a small prize, pride and praise. The two winners names will be drawn out of a Roman soldier helmet on Monday, 4pm. Answers will be published in the next issue of Wilson's Update. Enjoy learning more about the Classical world? Why not come along to the Classics Club? Every Wednesday 1:15 at room 5. Bring lunch.

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...for all their hard work supporting the C.U.; helping with language coaching and Year 7 and 8 football practices; and acting as managers for football teams in Years 7, 8 and 9.
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