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Congratulations, gentlemen!

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WE WOULD LIKE TO COMMEND OUR STUDENTS and their teachers following a truly remarkable year of public examination success.
Our A level performance breaks the school’s record. With 31% A* and 95% A*-B we have been placed as the second highest performing boys’ school in the entire country. Congratulations must also go to our GCSE students. 58% of entries were graded at A* and 88.2% at A*-A, the second highest set of results in the school’s history. Such results are only possible as the result of hard work; it is the hard work of staff and students that the school wishes to celebrate.
Qualifications count for very little without being well rounded. The commitment the boys in Years 11, 12 and 13 have shown to the guiding principle of the school, non sibi sed omnibus (‘not for oneself, but for all’), suggests that they will go on to great things. Farewell and bonne chance to our newest old boys and every good wish to our new Sixth Formers who are about to step into a remarkable 400 year tradition.

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Last week saw the opening of the annual Junior Production – an event which has become a highlight on the school calendar. Over 100 students took part in various roles, from costume to sound, lighting to performance and the result was an outstanding production of Lionel Bart’s Oliver! From the moment the first bars of the Prologue played, the audience were in the palm of the cast and band’s hands — and it didn’t stop there: famous numbers like Food, Glorious Food and Oom Pah Pah had people smiling and singing along, while the more serious ballads of Where is Love? and As Long As He Needs Me proved that regardless of the age of the students (11, 12 and 13) the tragedy and drama of the story could still be told comprehensively, with subtlety and feeling.

Aaron Stace of 7C played the title part showing Oliver’s vulnerability excellently, while Nye Flowers of 8D took on the famous role of the Artful Dodger, demonstrating great talent with his superb “cheeky chappy” acting. Other notable performances came from Oli Flowers as the sly Fagin – always rubbing his hands and playing with a handkerchief or two and Lucy Nash as Nancy, fighting between the love of her partner and the duty of care she owes the naïve Oliver.

Special mention should also go to the band who played Bart’s score expertly; always demonstrating the right amount of raucous merriment and swelling emotion. Of course a production is only as slick as its technical team and this year was no exception. Chris Gotts led a fine team of boys from all years, making sure the set changes were as fast and quiet as possible and that all the actors could be seen and heard. Luke Saitch must also be commended for his first production on Sound; anybody who works in the theatre will agree sound is the hardest aspect to get right and Luke approached the role maturely and delivered brilliantly.

What will the production be next year? We shall have to wait and see but Oliver has certainly left us wanting more!

CCF Central Camp

Saturday 25th June saw a return for the Army Section to Wathgill. Last time the CCF was there was the first year of ‘the partnership’; there were nine cadets from Wallington High School for Girls (WHSG). Two years later 120 cadets arrived with the Wilson’s badge on their blanking plate, 40 of whom came from WHSG, this was by far the largest number Wilson’s CCF has taken on central camp.

On arrival the unit divided into four platoons with three forming the Wilson’s training group and one being detached to a training group with the other two platoons being provided by different schools.

On Day 1 the cadets experienced the “Adrenaline” obstacle course, a civilian activity taking them over the course. They returned caked in mud, with broad smiles on their face.

Day 2 saw them at Ellerton on Swale for Adventurous Training. The day consisted of a dry phase of rock climbing, archery and volleyball, and a wet phase which involved kayaking and raft building. The engineering skills of most of the teams guaranteed that it was a very wet phase for all.

The third day saw Wilson’s on the ranges, dividing their time between shot gun, DCCT (The dismounted close combat trainer) which is a computer simulated range and on the live gallery range and Herrontree where the cadets fired the cadet rifle and the light support weapon.

Day 4 saw the infamous Yorkshire weather cut the day short. The leadership and orienteering day was hosted by the local Cadet Training Team and some young corporals from the Royal Military Police. While these junior NCOs passed on their leadership knowhow through command tasks and others trudged around the orienteering courses, the heavens opened. The only dry cadets were those sat in the “Op Reflect” tent with a local staff officer whose brief was to talk to them about The Great War.

The Tactics Stand on day five saw 4 Platoon re-join Wilson’s Training Group. Some Junior NCOs from the Yorkshire Regiment conducted battle lessons and then the rolling section attacks which followed allowed our own cadet Junior NCOs with command appointment to test their tactical ability and leadership skills. Cpls Douri and Roberts were particularly commended but the CTT staff did say that they had been impressed by the unit as a whole.

Continuing rain meant the intended deployment onto the training area for a 24hr period for Exercise Cockney Dalesman was reviewed, resulting in a wait until midnight on Thursday evening. By that time four platoon ambushes were sprung by enemy resupply patrols and the tired, wet contingent was bussed back to camp.

The truncated nature of the exercise meant that we were on camp to parade for the moving drumhead ceremony at which RQMS Lee was one of the speakers, who along with a lone piper and a bugler allowed us all to reflect on the sacrifice, 100 years ago to the day, on the first day of The Battle of the Somme.

Given the weather conditions and the dampness of kit, only senior cadets were allowed back in the field to conclude the exercise, while the youngsters completed their personal administration before a marathon weapons cleaning session, which is always made more bearable by the addition of a Bluetooth speaker and a sing along!

Wilson’s School CCF left Wathgill with their heads held high. A record number of cadets had completed all their training in adverse weather with a smile on their faces and with the praise of the Cadet Training Team ringing in their ears.

On return to school we said farewell to a number of long serving NCOs and WOs with Major Burton thanking his staff for their hard work and urging the next generation of Senior NCOs and WOs to take a leaf out of the book of outgoing RQMS Josh Lee who always asked with a smile and got things done before barking the order became necessary. An outstanding leader.

Success in Lower Sixth Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Congratulations to the 11 Lower Sixth students who competed in this year’s Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Our students were up against thousands of competitors from some of the best schools in the country. This Olympiad-style challenge consists of a challenging 90 minute paper that contains questions that require the students to extend and apply their chemical knowledge beyond the confines of the AS syllabus. This year’s questions concerned insecticides to combat the spread of Zika virus, and the extraction and uses of titanium dioxide. Completing the paper is an achievement in itself. This year, Wilson’s gained an impressive yield of awards in this prestigious competition with students gaining 3 gold, 2 silver and 4 copper awards. A special mention goes to Eugene Carr whose score placed him in the top 3% of all those who entered nationally. All of the boys did very well indeed and should be very proud of their achievements – well done!

Pictured, gold winners: Eugene Carr, Sajawall Nawaz, Amal Patel

A warm welcome to our new Year 7 pupils!

We were delighted to meet our new Year 7 cohort on Wednesday, 6 July. They made a fantastic impression, engaging enthusiastically with all of the activities on offer, which included singing and an afternoon of sport. During the day, they met their two tutors for next year and engaged in a variety of tasks and games to get to know one another. Mr Walters (Director of Key Stage 3) is very pleased to know that such a dynamic bunch of boys are due to be joining us in September and this bodes extremely well for all aspects of school life. May they very swiftly come to embody our school motto: non sibi sed omnibus (“not for oneself, but for all”)!

Economists visit Kingston University

by Shuchi Shiba

Following on from their successes in the Junior Maths Challenge, six of our year 7 and 8 pupils qualified for the Junior Maths Olympiad, and a further 72 for the Junior Maths Kangaroo. In the tough Olympiad paper, Max Ma (7S, photo) scored an excellent 45 marks and was awarded a distinction and Bronze medal. Varnan Gopu (also 7S) scored 34 which was awarded a distinction, of which only 300 are awarded in the whole country. Ansh Sharma with 29 narrowly missed out on the distinction, but was awarded a merit, as was Nabeel Abdul Rasheed (7H) and Dexter Hicks (8S). In the Junior Kangaroo, the highest mark was gained by Anton May (7D) with 118 closely followed by Priyan Radhakrishnan (8B) with 117. Twenty of our Kangaroo candidates gained Merits in this paper.


Wilson’s School Library Books
Please could all parents/carers encourage boys to return any library books they may currently hold before the end of term.

Woodcote Green Vouchers
If anyone has any remaining vouchers from Woodcote Green Garden Centre, we would be grateful for them by the end of term please. They can be deposited in the green collecting box in the foyer. Thank you to those of you who have already sent your vouchers in.

Trinity Exam Success

Last week 140 students from Year 7 took Trinity Music exams. We are pleased to report that 76% of our students achieved the highest grades of a merit or distinction. Exams taken ranged from Grade 1 to Grade 5. The scheme has given many of our students the opportunity to learn an instrument that would otherwise been impossible. It is a testament to our excellent and inspiring group of peripatetic teachers that two thirds of our students wish to carry on learning their instruments next year and we look forward to seeing them join our various ensemble groups. The results represent an incredible achievement after just one year’s tuition. Some students will be celebrating a good mark at Grade 1 after overcoming initial difficulties with perseverance and practice while other students will be celebrating the culmination of a hard year of work to achieve the very best results. We congratulate them all and wish them well in the future.

Below is a selection of our most promising players.

Rishi Littlebury Grade 3 Trumpet Distinction
Theo Alemu Grade 3 Clarinet Distinction
Patrick Willis French Horn Grade 4 Distinction
Jackson Ellis Trombone Grade 5 Merit
Adam Forshaw Trombone Grade 5 Merit
Mathew Mannix Flute Grade 5 Merit
Raymond Li Flute Grade 5 Merit
Ayush Nagara Singing Grade 5 Merit
Theo Horch Singing Grade 5 Distinction
Daniel Wainewright Singing Grade 5 Distinction
Anton May Singing Grade 5 Distinction

Pictured,Theo Horch, Daniel Wainewright, Anton May

Looking Ahead

  • Wednesday 7 September, term begins for Y7
  • Thursday 8 September, term begins for Y13
  • Friday 9 September, term begins for Y12
  • Monday 12 September, term begins for Y8, 9, 10 & 11

Activities Week

Activities Week got creative on Tuesday this week when a mixed group of year 7 and year 9 students took part in a jewellery and materials workshop challenge. After an introductory talk and demonstration by Mrs Straw, who explained that when she’s not at Wilson’s supporting the music and drama departments she is a Jewellery designer and maker under the name of Debbie Long Jewellery, the teams worked quickly to complete a series of creative challenges using everyday objects. They were encouraged to innovate and to think about the inherent qualities of each material. There were some ingenious and creative solutions and the day finished with some fashion style photos of some of the best creations!

Stonewall - Education for All Conference

On Friday 8th July, three Wilson’s students (Ezra Jackson, Harry Sugden, and Luke Shortland) and two Wilson’s teachers (Mrs O’Donnell and Dr Moore) attended the Stonewall “Education for All” Conference at the QEII centre, London. This is Britain’s leading event on preventing and tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying among young people, via discussions and interactive panel sessions.

The conference opened with very impressive keynote speeches from Ruth Hunt (Chief Executive of Stonewall), the Rt Hon Yvette Cooper (MP for Normanton, Pontefract, and Castleford), and Dr Masuma Rahim (clinical psychologist) and a brief Q&A. We then went into our breakout sessions.

Dr Moore went to learn good practice from other schools which have successful LGBT clubs and spaces. He then learnt more about inclusive Sex and Relationship Education, before attending a session on empowering LGBT staff at school to feel comfortable and confident should they choose to come out, and serve as role models to LGBT young people.

Mrs O’Donnell learnt about how to manage the relationship between LGBT inclusion and faith, particularly how the relationship between the two can be complimentary rather than adversarial. She then attended a session on how to promote positive mental health and well-being among LGBT young people and their families, before attending a session on how to support trans students in education. The students also attended an interactive workshop on promoting positive mental health, as well as how to step up as role models. They attended workshops on how to support the bisexual community, as well as campaigning as a young person. All of the students attended a panel discussion on the importance of visibility of LGBT role models in all manners of life. They heard from four different LGBT people discussing how their sexual orientation or gender identity fits in with other parts of who they are (such as religious belief and ethnicity) and the experiences and challenges they’ve faced.

The students and staff involved all had an extremely productive day.

Sports News

U13 vs Bishop David Brown report (Surrey Plate competition semi-final)

The U13 A’s beat Bishop David Brown by 8 wickets chasing down a total of 82. The BDB innings was built around one of their openers scoring 59 however he was given 3 chances. Arjun Dutta with 3 wickets for 2 runs was the most successful bowler with Arya Shah and Pranav Madan both getting 2 each. The Wilson’s reply was steady with boundaries hard to find but the run rate was never too much of a problem. Finlay Michael 19 and Harry Bowman 20 were both not out at the end as the target was reached with 9 balls to spare.

Photo: Arjun Dutta
U13 vs Langley Park

The U13A team finished the season in style with a 101 run victory against Langley Park. Batting first after losing an early wicket Pranav Madan and Finlay Michael compiled an impressive 129 run partnership as they combined forceful hitting with good running between the wickets. Finlay’s dismissal for 38 led to a hat trick for the Langley bowler Cameron Lee but Pranav batted through the 20 overs for 87 not out as the total of 144-4 was reached. Freddie Lammie on his A team debut opened the bowling and took 2 wickets in 2 balls as the home team reply lost early wickets. Wickets fell regularly as Langley were bowled out in 11 overs for 43. Freddie finished with 3-6 with Arjun Dutta 2-13, Daniel Read 2-11, Narayan Rao 1-3 and Rohan Rengganathan 1-10 the other wicket takers. Charlie Tierney performed very well behind the stumps and collected 3 stumpings.

Photo: Charlie Tierney
Team and Player of the Week

Player of the Week
The boys put in some good performances again as the school cricket season drew to a close. Arjun Dutta showed he can bowl as well as keep wicket for the U13’s as he took 3 wickets for 2 runs against Bishop David Brown. Ellis Jarrolds fine batting continued as he scored 45 for the U12’s v Langley Park. In the U13 game against the same opposition Pranav Madan again starred with the batting hitting 87 not out whilst Freddie Lammie on his U13 A team debut bowled magnificently to take 3-6 which included 2 wickets with his first 2 balls. Charlie Tierney behind the stumps in that game claimed 3 well taken stumpings. But the Player of the Week goes to Dan Moore (photo) who not only captained the 1st X1 for the first time but led from the front hitting a fine half century to see the team through to victory.

Team of the Week
The U13’s were again in fine form with 2 wins in a week with one against the Bishop David Brown U14 team but the Team of the Week goes to the 1st X1 who fielded a relatively young side but beat Wallington Grammar quite convincingly to end their season in style.
Cricket Results

1st XI lost to Tiffin School
1st XI beat Cheam CC U18
1st XI beat Wallington Boys’
U12A beat Carshalton Boys’
U12A beat Langley Park
U13A beat Langley Park
U13A beat Bishop David Brown
U14A lost to Langley Park
U14A lost to Wallington Boys’
U15A lost to Langley Park
U15B lost to Langley Park

Sports Day

Always an inspiring and invigorating event, the joy of the year’s Sports Day was tempered only by our regret that this will be the last event coordinated by John Molyneux, our outstanding Director of Sport who retires at the end of this term. We are delighted that he will be coaching badminton with us from September, and therefore continue to play a vigorous role in the sporting life of the school.

Highlights from this year’s event included some remarkable individual performances, including from the school record holder Oliver Preest (8D) in the Year 8 100m. Following the recent triumph of the school’s Year 10 relay team in Borough Sports, it was great to see the individual performers (Lloyd Smith, Tobi Ademiju, Jordan Hicks and Kieran Tam) representing their Houses with the same degree of commitment!

Congratulations to all who took part, and many thanks to all the staff who made it such a cheerful occasion!
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