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A Midsummer Night's Dream?

The end of February half term saw Wilson's students triumph in another annual Senior Production: this year's offering, Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream. Set in a post-Trump presidency, Theseus and the lovers represented the establishment and the elite, ruling over the megacities; these cities are walled off from the deplorable Mechanicals duped by Trump and now living on the streets, and the mutant Fairies — victims of Trump's bad environmental policy — who rule the drains. Unlike the traditional forest, the wood of our all-American dream was the rubbish tip that had replaced the downtown cities.

The students threw themselves wholeheartedly into this high-concept piece. It would be remiss to mention any one actor by name in a production such as this, where all came together as a tight ensemble and delivered a remarkable show.

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A view from back stage

The backstage world of a theatre production is mostly only seen by those who belong to it. It takes dedication and hard work to build a set, apply makeup, sew on a loose button, master the state of the art lighting system or even try to find that perfect costume in a local charity shop! All of the back stage crew said what a thrill it gave them to see the John Jenkins Hall transformed into a theatre in a matter of 24 hours!
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