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Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

Max Riddings

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We are delighted to announce that Max Riddings in Year 12 has secured an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, sponsored by the Royal Aeronautical Society. Max will receive invaluable work experience, lectures at top universities and a grant to pursue an area of interest that relates to engineering, outside the curriculum. Our congratulations go to Max on this significant achievement.

Applications for the Arkwright Scholarship are open to current Year 11 students. To qualify you must have a genuine and deep interest in engineering, and be able to show evidence of how you have pursued this. If you are interested and would like further information, please see Mr Chappell.
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Year 11 Higher Project

For the first time, all students in Year 11 will complete a research project on an academic area of their choice and present their findings to their peers, as part of the Year 11 enrichment programme. This helps to prepare students for the sort of work they will do in the sixth form. Crucially, it also enables them to begin building up evidence of work they have done above and beyond the scope of their GCSE studies, on the subjects they are most interested in pursuing further. Such work is hugely beneficial to students when they come to apply to university, or for apprenticeships or other school-leaver programmes, as it can provide concrete evidence of their genuine interest in the subject they are applying for, and of their commitment to studying it at the highest possible level.

Ghusharib Chohan of 11S, who recently completed a Higher Project on artificial intelligence, writes:

“The Higher Project overall was a very enriching course for me. It allowed me to discover the science behind one of my favourite subjects – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. I did my research by trying to find a Humanoid Robot that had already been built in recent years and eventually came to one outstanding Robot: Kismet. From that, I found a booklet that explained the various ways Kismet was programmed to function like a human, and this was the part that deeply interested me. From reading up on the topic, I learnt that most modern technology is actually influenced by very common everyday things that we see around us. This enabled me to start thinking ahead. Knowing I may have to make an app in Computer Science A level, I started to think about the various problems that can occur in everyday life and possible solutions I could come up with. One of the other most useful parts of the Higher Project was delivering a presentation on my chosen topic. Because I was talking about a topic I genuinely liked, I found that I could speak particularly confidently. This was one of the best parts of the project because it showed me what I am capable of when I enjoy what I am doing, which reassured me that Computer Science is indeed the direction I should be going in. Furthermore, by having to give examples of each of my points, I discovered what pitching a new application or piece of technology may be like for me in the future, if I was to become a software engineer, for example. Finally, I used my prior knowledge of programming and robotics, and merged this with the knowledge I researched to develop a very thorough understanding of what is a truly complicated piece of technology. This also enabled me to see the amount of effort that has to go into every programme and made me appreciate how hard one must work to become a software engineer.”
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IFS Student Investor Challenge

The ifs Student Investor Challenge is a UK wide stock market investment game. All Year 10 Business Studies students and a number of members of the Lower Sixth have formed groups and have entered this prestigious competition to make the highest possible return from their investment funds. This year they have been given the even tougher job of managing two portfolios. The Active Investor portfolio of Åí100,000 allows teams to trade every day leading to a short term dash for profits, while the Strategic Investor portfolio of Åí100,000 only allows a limited number of trades per month, encouraging long term thinking. They have until the end of January to make as large a return as possible as they compete against around 7000 teams from around the country. If you would like to see how the groups are performing please see the school’s league table. The top 5 performing teams from the school (as of 24/11/15) are:

1 Trump Card
2 Ceteris pariboys
3 Team BD8D
4 Red Coconut
5 The A*-Team

School Notices

Please remember that the new website address for the school is The old website address is likely to continue re-directing for some time, but we cannot guarantee this.
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French Poem

by Mann Patira, 7H

Last week, students in 7H were asked to produce their first French rhyming poem and we are delighted to publish Mann’s creation based on objects playing a musical instrument! Congratulations, Mann!

Les objets musiciens

La pizza
Joue de l’harmonica

Le tableau
Joue de piano

La tempête
Joue de la trompette

La mademoiselle
Joue du violoncelle

Le grain
Joue du tambourin

Le gateau
Joue du pipeau

Et la fille
Garde sa famille

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History Competition Winner

Students were invited to submit a review of their favourite historical book or film and the History Department was delighted to receive so many interesting entries. The winner was Johnny Moyse in Year 9, for his very thoughtful review of The Great Escape. Johnny considered carefully how far this 1963 film about Allied prisoners of war is accurate and also why the story remains so enthralling. Well done, Johnny!

Thank you to all entrants. Examples from this competition are on the display in the History corridor on the top floor of the main building. We received so many entries that they will be rotated on a regular basis, so do stop by to see your entry on display!

Badminton Results

Badminton Surrey League - Wilson’s vs. Glyn
The U.14 B team had a very tight match against the Glyn U.14A team. Glyn came top of their division, with Wilson’s in second place. A very strong performance saw Wilson’s home by 5 games to 4. These results put Wilson’s B team top of their division with two matches to go.

The team consisted of:

Well done to all those who played.

Football Results

Wednesday 18 November - Wilson’s vs. KCS
1st XI lost 0 - 1
2nd XI won 2 - 1
4th XI won 8 - 0
5th XI lost 0 - 2
6th XI drew 1 - 1

Wilson’s vs. Guildford County (National Cup)
U16A won 3 - 0

Friday 20 November - Wilson’s vs. Hampton
U12A lost 2 - 3
U12B lost 2 - 7
U12C lost 0 - 6
U12D won 3 - 2
U12E lost 1 - 7

Saturday 21 November - Wilson’s vs. Hampton
U13A won 6 - 1
U13B won 1 - 3
U15A drew 1 - 1
U15B won 5 - 2
1st XI drew 2 - 2
3rd XI lost 0 - 2
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MATCH REPORT by Caleb Nelson - U16A 3 - 0 vs. Guildford County

After a relatively hassle-free journey away to Guildford Grammar School, we began our pre match rituals in a lethargic manner with Fin taking years to get changed. The conditions were not the best for either side with violent winds, intermittent rainfall and a large mole-hole filled pitch to play on.

Straight from the whistle we pressed the opposition giving them minimal space to play hence forcing them to make numerous errors. We weren’t error free ourselves however. After a number of inconclusive attacks, we eventually won a free kick about 25 yards from goal. Piri hit a “belter” straight at the keeper which somehow found its way into the net but gave us a breakthrough. Many chances went begging with open goals missed and goal line clearances from the opposition just about kept them still in the game. Two great goals (one nearly an open goal miss) from Sam Moody helped us seal victory to make the journey worthwhile and send us to the next round in Portsmouth.

It wasn’t only the attacking display that won us the game but a solid defensive performance and that win summed up what the 16A are about.

Man of the Match: Chen/Okoh
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Chess Results

Wilson’s A lost to Hampton A 2½ - 3½
Wins for Tharshan Kuhendiran (10G) and Ryan Shankar (U6), draw for Kenta Watson (U6)

Wilson’s B beat KCS Wimbledon Juniors 3½ - 2½
Wins for Ryan Shankar (U6), Kiran Lee (8S), draws for Aranan Sivakumar (10B), Kenta Watson (U6) and Alexander Nielsen (L6)

Wilson’s C beat Hampton B 4 – 2
Wins for Jake Eaw (10B), Aurideep Nayak (8H), Alexander Nielsen (L6) and Daren Alfred (U6)

Wilson’s D beat Hampton C 10½ - 1½
2 wins for Samino Fernando (9G), Andy Deng (9C), Sachit Raghavan (8C) and Dylan Perera (11B), one win for Kiran Lee (8S) and Kiran Manthry (11C)

Wilson’s E beat Hampton D 11 - 1
2 wins for Rehan Gamage (9C), one win for Eshan Gupta (11C), Han-Joo Kymm (11C), Daniel Read (8S), William Eade (10G), Adam Phillips (9H), Adi Jain (7H), Koushikk Ayyappan (8B) and Vishu Ketheeswaran (10G)

National School Chess Championships

On Wednesday 18 November, Wilson’s hosted a qualifying event for the national School Chess Championships. Wilson’s A and B teams had already qualified, and at this event Wilson’s C team qualified and came first equal by scoring 2 wins and a draw. Wilson’s D team scored one win in 3 matches and the E team one draw.

Top individual scores: Muhammad Al Ghifari (10C) and Arenkan Kularaj (9C) 3/3; Kiran Lee (8S) and Samino Fernando (9G) 2ó/3 and Akash Gupta (10C) 2/3.

8th Wilson’s Chess Festival

Saturday 23 January 2016, 1.00pm to 6.15pm.
This will be a UK Chess Challenge event and players scoring more than 50% will qualify for the Surrey Megafinal. Collect an entry form from chess club in F12 on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday lunchtime, or email Dr Cooper.
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Music News

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Senior Maths Challenge

This year 170 Wilson’s pupils sat Senior Maths Challenge on 5 November. A record 149 of them gained Gold, Silver or Bronze award, with 30 gaining Gold and 60 Silver. This is a fantastic achievement by all the students.

Our highest score of 120 was gained by Harry Goodburn (U6) and Gabriel Cairns (11C). Not far behind were Eddie Heyne and Will Honeyman (both U6) with 116 and Eui Jin Choi (U6) on 115. They are joined by Isuru Jayasekera (11B), Keshava Iyengar (11C), Vatsal Raina (U6) and Jonathan Goh (U6) in qualifying for the tough British Maths Olympiad. 11 other students qualified for the ‘Senior Kangaroo’ paper. Congratulations to everyone who qualified for either of these papers.

Example question from the paper:

The Knave of Hearts tells only the truth on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. He tells only lies on all the other days. The Knave of Diamonds tells only the truth on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. He tells only lies on all the other days. On one day last week, they both said, “Yesterday I told lies.” On which day of the week was that?
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Geography Competition

Where in the world is this?

Congratulations to the winner of last week’s competition- Ken Li, 8B who identified the image as New York and Manhattan from above including a fantastic view of Central Park. Bonus points go to Harsh Sinha, 8S who won a bonus praise point for a correct entry in the Monday prize draw.

Please come and see Mr Sturt in rm 24 for your praise points. Congratulations to all who got this correct!

On to this week’s competition! Where in the world is this (include the name of the landmark and the name of the town and country)? It is tricky this week- my clue is that we are staying on the American Continent and it is linked to City Land Use Models that are studied in Geography. There are two praise points up for grabs this week. The first for the first correct answer and then there will be a draw on Monday at break time (for another Praise point) for a correct entry received by then. Simply email the information to ADS@...! Get thinking (bonus praise as well if you can link to the reason this image was chosen!).

Clubs & Activities

A listing of all the varied, co-curricular clubs on offer to your son is available on our website – see under ‘What’s New’.

History Opportunity for students aged 11 – 14

Cambridge History for Schools is an exciting outreach initiative by one of the leading History Faculties in the world. They want to show how pupils can enjoy history and imagine the past through imaginative and exciting workshops.

The sessions on offer this year are as follows:

Lent Term: Saturday 27 February 2016, 11am–12.30pm
Early Modern Highway Robbery
Alix Chartrand
Three centuries ago in Ireland and India, bandits – ‘tories’ or ‘thugs’ as they were known – were the terror of local communities, travelers and officials. Almost a part of the landscape itself, highwaymen were said to materialise out of the wilderness in an instant. As soon as authorities tried to capture them, however, they would disappear again into ‘remote bogs and inaccessible quarters’, almost like phantoms. But what does it mean to be outside the law when an occupying force controls the law and can change it on a whim? And as historians, how can we be sure of the facts when most of the information we have about people like this was written by their enemies? Join Alix Chartrand to find out how we can unpick history from the myths surrounding these shadowy figures.

Easter Term: Saturday 7 May 2016, 11am–12.30pm
Building National Identity in Germany Today
Marcus Colla
History is about more than books on library shelves. For example, how do the buildings we design reflect our relationship with the past? To find out, Marcus Colla walks us through present-day Germany and some of its newest museums and public buildings. Germany is now one of Europe’s political and economic leaders, but dealing with its extremely traumatic 20th-century past remains a tremendous challenge. Public buildings often aim to project a sense of national identity, so it is no surprise that there is huge debate about how they should look. This workshop explores how Germany is telling its own history through its built environment. Ultimately, we will ask ourselves the critical question: what does our understanding of the past tell us about our present?

If you would like more information or to apply for places on any of these sessions please contact Mr Englefield. He will need the following information: child’s name, age, school; Parent/Guardian’s name, telephone number, email address. Please note there is a maximum of 4 school places and that students may attend these sessions without a parent or carer present during the session, however we ask that your son is met promptly at the end of the session. All sessions take place at the Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EF. The school will not be providing transport.

Purley Food Hub

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The Purley Food Hub have asked us to thank the students, parents and staff at Wilson’s who, during a collection this week, all contributed to a van full of food and toiletries which was delivered to them. They were very grateful for the contents and will now be able to ensure that the food and toiletries reach those who need them.

There was a house competition at school to see which house could collect the most food. Greencoat House won the competition and will therefore receive the most bonus points.

Please see below for some further information on Purley Food Hub

To help people in crisis who are without food. They may have become unemployed, been sick or had a sudden change in their domestic circumstances. They may have had their benefits stopped and are appealing against the decision. A series of events coming together may have left them unable to buy food to meet their basic needs. We are seeking to avoid creating long-term dependencies.

The Food Hub is not a drop in. Food is given only to people who have one of the Food Hub’s food tickets. They take the ticket to the food distribution centre in central Purley. There they are made welcome and receive a supply of food for three days. The allowance reflects the size of the family. Read more about them on their website.

Christmas Shopping?

Use our Amazon link and help to raise funds for the school – at no cost to you!

If you are already thinking of spreading the cost of Christmas and are purchasing presents now, why not use the link to Amazon on the home page of our website for your online purchases? (Above, top right) If you use this link to connect to Amazon and then continue to purchase goods in the usual way, for every purchase you make Amazon returns a portion of their profit to the school.

Another site which can be used via a link on our website is (see link above right). It uses a similar principle to Amazon. The list of participating shops is huge: from Expedia, Hilton Hotels, Dabs, John Lewis, GAP, Charles Tyrwhitt, M&S, Sainsbury’s and T.M. Lewin to Domino’s Pizza, B&Q and Weight Watchers. We raised just under £3,000 during the last academic year through parents and staff buying their goods using these links. It would be fantastic if we were able to increase that figure this year. Please do remember this does not cost you anything at all. You pay the normal price for your goods, but the school receives a percentage of the amount that is spent through the links. We hope as many parents as possible will use these links for their Christmas shopping.
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Go to the FarmTech competition site for more information. If you want to discuss further speak to Mrs Gill in the ICT/Computing department. There will also be house points and prizes for the best entry for each year group within Wilson’s.
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