House Music Competition – the best ever!

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MUSIC filled the school last week with over 200 entries in the annual House Music competition. Highly respected external adjudicators, all experts in their field, came to the school to judge the musical performances of students from year 7 to the Upper Sixth. Every one of the adjudicators spoke of their admiration for the musical talent on show here at Wilson’s. They praised not only the extremely high standard of some of our performers but also the high standards of behaviour, camaraderie, determination and bravery of some of the less experienced. Every student who took part will earn house points and there are extra points for those students who were highly commended. First, second and third placed students in each category are listed below. The best musicians in each section will be invited to take part in the Wilson’s Musician of the Year Evening on Wednesday 18 April. The music department would like to thank all those who took part and made the week the best House Music Competition to date.

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House Music Winners
Lower School Awards
Biology Olympiad
Corpus Competition Results
RAF Competition Report
Chess Festival Report
Important Notices
PFA News
Geography Competition
Clubs & Activities
Badminton News
Football Results

House Music Winners

Leon Zhang, 8B (1)
Sami Siddiq, 7S (2)
Pranav Madan, 8G (3)
Joseph Epsom, 7B (Highly Commended)
Ray Li, 7G (Highly Commended)

Isuru Jayasekera, 11B (1)
Michael Ahearn, 13C (2)
Timothy Cheng, 13C (3)

Thomas Davidson, 8G (1)
Andy Deng, 9C (Highly Commended)
Sang-Hyun Lee, 7B (Highly Commended)
Neo Tang, 8C (Highly Commended)

Jonathan Coombe, 10B (1)
Joseph Mattikoyya (Highly Commended)
SENIOR VOICE (Years 11-13)
Lukas Alemu, 6S (1)
Sashank Srikanth, 11S (2)
Henry Cooper, 6 (3)

Liam Grant, 6C (1)
Saiprabhu Karunananthan, 9H (2)
Lex Harb, 11H (3=)
Joe Chandler, 8H (3=)

Oliver Cavadino, 9C (1)
Michael Lowe, 8B (2)
Thomas Horan, 9S (3)

Samuel Smith, 10B (1)
Owen Child, 11S (2)
James Craik, 9H (1)
Ivon Kandiah, 8C (2)
Ansh Sharma, 8H (3=)
Aaron Stace, 7C (3=)

Dulhan Jayalath, 10H (1)
Ramón Nartallo, 11H (2=)
Jake Rightmyer, 6 (2=)
Gautam Vyas, 11C (3)

JUNIOR VOICE (Years 7-8)
Daniel Wainewright, 7S (1)
Shay Balsekar, 8G (2)
Joseph Adams, 7D (3)

Max Robbins, 10S (1)
Gabriel Lumsden, 10C (2)
Humphrey Keeper, 10B (3)
William Eade, 10 (Highly Commended)
Milo Wakefield, 10S (Highly Commended)

Lower School Students of the Week

This term in the Lower School we are looking at rewarding students who have gone above and beyond both in lessons and in extra-curricular activities. This is a weekly competition and the winners of this week are shown below. Our congratulations go to both of them.
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Zi-Tong Deng 7D
For being helpful, reliable and caring in a crisis – he demonstrated great compassion and resilience when looking for an important item for a friend.

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Neo Tang 8C
Despite missing a week of school due to illness, Neo has made fantastic efforts with his teachers to catch up and has even entered the House Music Competition. Additionally, he also volunteered to help collect work for a missing student this week, demonstrating the school motto of non sibi sed omnibus

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Biology Olympiad

Ten students from Y12 and Y13 took part in the Biology Olympiad this year. The British Biology Olympiad challenges and stimulates students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents. It consists of two one hour multiple choice papers that are taken online under exam conditions.

Congratulations to Karim Nizam who achieved the highest score of our students and earned a Silver certificate. Praneeth Vedagiri and Oisín Brennan both receive a Bronze certificate. Caleb Watson is highly commended for his performance and Ibrahim Haashi is commended.

Corpus Christi Competition Results

The Lower Sixth Computer Science boys were asked to write an essay for the Corpus Christi Computing Competition.

This year the question posed was ‘Should the law of the land be enacted using formal logic?’.

Congratulations go to Alexander Nielsen and Max Riddings, the two boys who were selected as the School entrants for this competition. Read more…
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Air Squadron Trophy Competition

Report by Sgt Daniel Moore

On Sunday 7 February, a team of 14 cadets travelled to RAF Halton to take part in the Regional round of the Air Squadron Trophy Competition. At half past six in the morning, we set off, in high spirits full of confidence. During the day we took part in 6 disciplines; Drill, Military Knowledge, Aircraft Recognition, Fitness, First Aid and Command Task. There is normally a shooting discipline but we found out when we arrived that the range was broken. Ironically, it was the area that we had put a lot of effort into, going on two range days with Cpt Grant. We worked hard and gave it our all. When the final parade came about, that hard work and preparation paid off. Despite facing stiff opposition during the day, we were placed 1st in our region, winning the individual disciplines of Drill, First Aid and Aircraft Recognition and placed 2nd in Military knowledge. This was a tremendous effort, considering we had 5 cadets who were making their ASTC debut, and a brand new First Aid team.

Needless to say, we are not resting on our laurels and have already started preparations for the big event — the National final on 13 March.

Each member of the team deserves huge praise for their commitment and efforts. Also, recognition must go to all the staff that have ably assisted us throughout, and continue to do so all year round. Without the efforts of staff and cadets alike, none of what we achieve would be possible. So, we are Regional champions. Here’s hoping that when we go to the final, we will come back National Champions.
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Wilson’s Chess Festival

On Saturday 23 January, 38 pupils took part in the 8th Wilson’s Chess Festival. They played 7 games during the afternoon with leading players qualifying for the Surrey Megafinal of UK Chess Challenge.

The winner, after some tough games, was Tharshan Kuhendiran (10G) who at 161 is the highest rated player in the school. He won six games and drew one, with second placed Samino Fernando (9G). Third equal were Kiran Lee (8S), Aranan Sivakumar (10B), Muhammad Al Ghifari (10C), Rehan Gamage (9C), Arenkan Kularaj (9C) and Koushikk Ayyappan (8B).

As well as those already listed the following also qualified for the Surrey Megafinal: Jonathan Coombe (10H), Akash Gupta (10C), Chia Da Yap (11G), Thivyesh Baskaran (8G), Shivank Khare (8D), Max Ma (7S), Noah Phillips (7B), Srujan Jayakeerthi (7B), Pradhosh Kirubaharan (7H), Shiam Sivanesan (7D) and William Boulanger (7B).

Many other Wilson’s pupils are still taking part in UK Chess Challenge on Monday and Tuesday lunchtime, and the Wednesday after school chess club.


Summer 2016 exam retakes must be paid for by Friday 19 February at 12.00pm. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Wilson’s School’ and be given to Mr Harmsworth in the School Admin Office. Any student applying for a retake and not paying by the deadline will not be entered.

Please encourage your son to take the opportunity over half-term to organise his work experience placement (which should be at least one week between the following dates: 27 June - 15 July, 2016). Some other schools within the borough have the same weeks so there will be competition for places, therefore the sooner it is organised the better. The deadline to submit the application to the school office is Monday 22 February, 2016.

We have been informed by the owners of the Croygas Sports Club premises on Mollison Drive that some parents are entering their property to park or to use as a means of turning around. It is important to note that this is private property and you do not have permission to enter their premises for these purposes. We would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents to be considerate to our local residents and businesses when parking, dropping off and picking up around school. We encourage all boys to use public transport or, if possible, to walk to and from school especially as the weather is improving as we move into Spring. If it is necessary for you to collect your son by car we ask that you use Hannibal Way rather than Mollison Drive as a meeting point as this significantly reduces traffic congestion in Mollison Drive at the end of the school day and helps smooth journeys for all.

Please ensure over the half-term break that all of your son’s possessions are named/marked before he returns to school.
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PFA News

100 Club Prize Draw (February)

Listed below is the result of the draw for February. If you would like to join the 100 Club to be in with a chance of winning a prize, please contact Leigh Shelton using the following email address: [email protected]. The more people that join the club, the bigger the prizes become.

1st Prize J Connix £52.50
2nd Prize P & M Mincer £31.50
3rd Prize L Shelton £21.00
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Badminton Surrey Cup Victory

The U18 badminton team won the Surrey Cup on Wednesday. After losing to Glyn in the final last year, the boys had something to prove and beat Glyn 4 - 1 in the Final. Outstanding performances by all players, but in particular from Ryan Eaw and Joseph Li.

In the earlier rounds, Wilson’s beat Charterhouse and Royal Grammar Guildford comfortably. Another success in a fantastic season so far.
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National School Badminton Quarter Finals

On Friday the U.14 and U.16 teams travelled to Harrow to play in the National schools quarter finals. The teams performed in a very dominant manner, comfortably beating all comers to reach the semi-final.

In the Junior team, Tim Li and Luke Griffiths won their singles setting a great platform for the rest of the matches. David Middleton and Tom Malcolm then played very well as doubles specialists to complete the wins. Neel Maniar and Kaamil Kaba played in one round and also won all their games.

In the U.16 competition, the team won convincingly with Zhi Ping Lim and Joseph Li providing solid starts in the singles. The doubles specialists of Jake and Ryan Eaw, were the strongest players of any team and played extremely well to win all their games. Rohit Prabhu played one match winning his singles and his doubles.

So on to the semi-final to be played early in March.

Badminton Surrey League

The U19 and U16 teams went down to Charterhouse on Thursday last week.

The U19 team were our B team playing their A team and sadly went down to a 4-5 defeat. This was a notable game as it was the last to be played by Ben Jacob and Josh Lee for the school. They have been stalwarts of the school teams for 7 years and we wish them well in their future playing careers.

The U16 B team were playing The A team of Charterhouse too, but had no trouble winning 9 games to 0. Very strong performances, particularly by Kavi Lakhani and Simon He. Max Robbins continued to impress with his partner Akash Gupta dismantling the opposition with ease. Joseph Rinson, Sam Cheung and Toye Oladinni also won their matches.

The U14 Teams have topped their respective divisions and now have to play off in the league final to be Surrey Champions.

A good season is getting better.
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Geography Competition

Where in the world is this?
Congratulations to the winner of last week’s competition- Arjun Dutta 8S, who identified the image as Robben Island, off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. The image was picked to coincide with the anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from the prison there (he was released on 11 February 1990). Praise points go to Harsh Sinha, 8S who won a bonus praise point for a correct entry in the Monday prize draw.

Please come and see Mr Sturt in rm 24 for your praise points. Congratulations to all who got this correct!

On to this week’s competition! Where in the world is this (include the name of the landmark and the name of the town and country)? There are two praise points up for grabs this week. The first for the first correct answer and then there will be a draw on Monday at break time (for another Praise point) for a correct entry received by then. Simply email the information to ADS@...! Get thinking (bonus praise as well if you can link to the reason this image was chosen!).

Clubs & Activities

A listing of all the varied, co-curricular clubs on offer to your son is available here.
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Football Results

Weds 3 February - Wilson’s vs. City of London
1st XI won 2 - 1
2nd XI drew 0 - 0
3rd XI won 1 - 0
5th XI lost 1 - 3
6th XI won 1 - 0
7th XI lost 1 - 6

Saturday 6 February - Wilson’s vs.Hampton
U12A won 2 - 1
U12B drew 1 - 1
U15A won 3 - 2
U15B lost 1 - 4
U14A drew 2 - 2
U14B lost 1 - 3
U13A drew 1 - 1
U13B lost 3 - 6
2nd XI won 3 - 1
3rd XI lost 1 - 2

Team Of The Week: U12A for a brilliant 2 - 1 win over Hampton.
Player Of The Week: Felix Billar for his MOM performance on his debut for the U12A team vs. Hampton.

1st XI won 3 - 1
An excellent first half performance meant the 1st XI went 3 - 0 up with goals from Gravesande (2) and Hornsby-Odoi. Then a disciplined second half ended with a 3 - 1 win.

2nd XI drew 2:2
Despite the 2nd XI racing into a 2 - 0 lead, KCS pegged them back with two goals from corners.

3rd XI won 4 - 0
A good performance from the 3rd XI resulted in a 4 - 0 win with goals from Pathmanathan (2), Douiri and even a Chen goal.

5th XI lost 0 - 2
Despite the loss a committed and determined performance with Charlie Mincer the pick of the players.

Wilson’s Golden Boot

The race for this year’s golden boot is getting exciting with three players in the frame so far:

1. Piralash Pathmanathan 34
2. Jalen Gravesande 27
3. Seyon Srishangar 27

Wilson’s Golden Glove

The race for the most clean sheets is coming down to the final half term. The leading goalkeepers are:

1. Gautam Vyas 9
2. Marcus Brown 6
3. Adam Mountain 5
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