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Junior Maths Olympiad

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This term Wilson’s School obtained our best ever results in the Junior Maths Olympiad (JMO), with five distinctions from the ten year 8 pupils who sat the JMO. Two boys (Varun Jain, 8H, and Abdullah Ghalib, 8C) achieved certificates of Merit. A bronze medal (and distinction) was awarded to Neel Maniar (8B) who came in the top 150 in the country. Silver medals (and distinction) were awarded to Andy Deng (8C), Tony Lin (8S) and Rehan Gamage (8C) , who came in the top 90 in the country and a Gold medal and book prize (and distinction) was awarded to Rubaiyat Khondaker who came in the top 30 in the country. Rubaiyat’s score of 55 was the highest JMO score at Wilson’s in the past decade.

In the new, parallel Junior Kangaroo, top score was obtained by Anujan Ratnarajah (7D) with 113, closely followed by Ayub Mohamedhaji (8C) and James Craik (8H) on 112. Twelve of our candidates scored the requisite 96 marks for a Merit.

In other news this week…

Chemistry Challenge
Rubik's Cube Competition
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Young Geographer OTY
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Geography Competition
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Lower Sixth Cambridge Chemistry Challenge
Congratulations to the 34 Lower Sixth students who competed in this year’s Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. Our students were up against thousands of competitors from some of the best schools in the country. This Olympiad-style challenge consists of a demanding 90 minute paper containing questions that required the students to extend and apply their chemical knowledge beyond the confines of the AS syllabus. This year’s questions concerned O4 sports drinks and using skeletal formulae to follow an organic synthesis of a steroid hormone.

Completing the paper is an achievement in itself. This year, Wilson’s gained an impressive yield of awards in this prestigious competition with students gaining 4 gold, 6 silver and 9 copper awards.

All of the boys did very well indeed and should be very proud of their achievements: well done!

Janusz Nasiruddin Gold
Eddie Heyne Gold
Harry Goodburn Gold
Vyas Raina Gold
Vatsal Raina Silver
Luke Curran Silver
Oliver Godwin Silver
Karim Nizam Silver
Jonathan Goh Silver
Branahvan Rajasooriar Silver
Ben Sharp Copper
Christian Kouppas Copper
Luke Peacock Copper
Ewan Robertson Copper
Ed Foulkes Copper
Nedum Nwamadi Copper
Daniel Fernandes Copper
Pawel Wrona Copper
Gabriel Moran Copper

Gold Award winners pictured below.
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Rubik’s Cube Solving Competition

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Cricket News

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Pictured right: Team of the Week, the U13’s. Captain Callum Furmidge is holding the Sutton League Cup after they defeated Wallington in the deciding game on Saturday. Player of the Week Rehan Gamage is the tallest lad in the middle of the back row!

The Sutton Leagues
A successful week for Wilson’s Cricket, which included winning 3 trophies. Both the U12A’s and U13A’s won their respective Sutton Leagues with wins against Wallington. Unfortunately the U14A’s lost out to Wallington in the decisive match. The U15A’s however won their dead rubber against Wallington, with a 1 run defeat by John Fisher proving the decisive League result earlier on in the season. With all Junior Leagues complete, The U15A’s win also meant that Wilson’s led the overall Sutton League by a decisive margin, and therefore lift the overall Cladish Cup for the 4th time in 5 seasons since the Competition was introduced in 2011. The only Sutton Competition left to complete is at 1st XI level.

The Reigate 6’s
Both the U12’s and U13’s have competed in the Reigate 6’s Tournament in the last week. The U12’s won both their 1st Group games, beating both Langley School and Dulwich College. Having progressed to the main Cup competition, the team then faded with losses to Caterham and Skinners. The U13’s came closer to the main Cup Final. They beat both hosts Reigate Grammar and Trinity in their initial group. Despite beating St George’s College in the next group, a tight loss to John Fisher meant that they missed out on the Final by 1 run.

Team of the Week
The U12A’s won both their games last week, including winning the Sutton League. Despite losing Wilsonians Challenge Cup at Old Wilsonians last Wednesday, the U15A’s bounced back to beat Wallington on Saturday to help the School win the overall Sutton Cladish Cup.

The Team of the Week this week though is the U13A’s. Whilst the U12A’s were favourites to win the Sutton League, the U13A’s faced a strong Wallington team who had won the League the previous year. A friendly earlier this season had also gone the way of Wallington, but the winning margin of just 1 run suggested the game would be tight. Bowling first, Wilson’s gained the early initiative, and had Wallington 60 for 7 in the 13th over, with tight bowling from Seyon Srishangar and Captain Callum Furmidge. A good 8th wicket partnership then helped Wallington along, before they were all out in the 19th over for 107.

The Wilson’s reply was understandably nervy, especially when Callum Furmidge was stumped for 22 from 14 balls. After a mature and patient start to his innings, up stepped Rehan Gamage as the required run rate increased. His 44 not out won the game for Wilson’s, helped along by a swift 12 from Marcus Brown and 6th wicket partner Seyon Srishangar, who hit the winning runs in the final over.

Player of the Week
Last week’s Player of the Week Pranav Madan had another great week, his opening spell against Wallington resulting in incredible figures of 3 overs, 3 maidens for 4 wickets which included a hat trick.

This week’s Player of the Week is Rehan Gamage of the U13A’s. His 44 not out from 43 balls led the side to victory and indeed the Sutton League. After settling himself in, Rehan exploded into action, with the highlight of 2 big 6’s in the 17th over taking the game away from Wallington. Well done Rehan.

The Week Ahead
We have 9 fixtures against Tiffin this Saturday (4 July), so could all A and B team players please look at the website for further information.

The U15’s also have a Cup left to play for. On Friday they will play Overton Grange in the Quarter Final of the T20 Vase, and if they win they will move on to the Finals Day next Tuesday (7 July). Next Wednesday (8 July), the young 1st XI will also play in two T20 games as they compete in the John Fisher Cup. Having won this the last 2 years, the boys will be looking to make this a hat trick.

• Just a reminder that any players who takes 3 or more wickets or scores 50 or more runs should see Mr Parkinson for a medal.

• For all the latest on Wilson’s School Sport please visit
Arjun Dutta receiving the U12 Sutton League Trophy from Mr Collins (Master i/c Cricket at WCGS)
The U12A team with the Sutton League trophy
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The U12’s at the Reigate 6’s tournament along with Mr Bullen
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Creative Writing

Earlier this term, Year 9 creative writers launched themselves into the task of entering a national Young Writers competition entitled ‘Grim Tales’. The stories concocted by our budding writers at Wilson’s proved sufficiently ghoulish and grim to be forwarded on to the next stage of the competition: those accepted include Vihirthan Kandiah, Spyros Stylianopoulos and Danish Malik from 9C, and Sam Belgrove and Rhys White from 9G. Will their tales of murder and mayhem impress the judges enough to merit a prize? Winners will be announced shortly – watch this space.
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Young Geographer of the Year Competition 2015

Why does Antarctica matter?

The entry form can be downloaded from the Geography Department page.

The theme of this year's competition coincides with the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance expedition, which aimed to complete the first crossing of Antarctica. Despite failing in his original plans and being stranded for over a year, Shackleton and his men returned safely and the expedition is recognised as one of the most remarkable feats of leadership, bravery and endeavour.

The competition is an opportunity for students to explore why Antarctica still matters today, spanning the following or any other ideas.
  • Antarctica's world leading science
  • The continent's unique biodiversity and landscapes
  • As a location which still inspires people with awe and wonder of the natural world
  • Antarctica's unique status as the only continent in the world without countries
  • Antarctica's governance by the Antarctic Treaty which promotes science, peaceful purposes, sets aside territorial claims and prevents military activities

Entering the competition

The competition has four categories.
  • Key Stage 2 (students aged 9-11)
  • Key Stage 3 (students aged 11-14)
  • Key Stage 4 or GCSE (students aged 14-16)
  • Key Stage 5 or A Level (students aged 16-18)
The deadline for all entries is 5pm Friday 16th October 2015. All winners will be contacted after this date and invited to an Award Ceremony at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in South Kensington, London.

Students should enter the Key Stage category which they will be in as of 16th October 2015.

Where a school has more than ten entries, the Society suggests that teachers run their own semi-final and select the best ten entries to be submitted into the national competition.

All entries should include an Entry Form. Submissions can be made by individual students or teachers. Teacher and school contact details must be provided. Please post your entries directly to the Society. Electronic entries may only be submitted for the KS5 category.

General entry criteria

KS2, KS3 and KS4 students will produce an A3 poster. KS5 students will produce a 1500 word essay. All entries must adhere to the following criteria.

Excellent attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Use of accurate geographical terminology throughout
  • Clearly labelled and appropriately acknowledged diagrams, graphs, maps and other data visualisation
  • Accurate use of symbols, scales and keys, where appropriate
  • Original and independently produced - class sets of identical entries will not be accepted

Key Stage 2 criteria

  • Describe one or more reasons why Antarctica matters
  • Use at least one annotated diagram, graphic or map

Key Stage 3 criteria

  • Describe two or more reasons why Antarctica matters
  • Use two or more annotated diagrams, graphics or maps
  • Have a conclusion that clearly outlines which reason you believe to be most important

Key Stage 4 criteria

  • Describe three or more reasons why Antarctica matters
  • Use a variety of annotated diagrams, graphics or maps
  • Include clear evidence of independent research
  • Reference both historical and contemporary concepts
  • Have a conclusion that clearly outlines which reason you believe to be most important

Key Stage 5 criteria

  • Describe a wide variety of reasons why Antarctica matters and explain in detail the linkages between these reasons
  • Demonstrate a strong use of annotated diagrams, informative graphics or maps and include a discussion of their reliability and effectiveness
  • Reference both historical and contemporary concepts
  • Have a strong concluding statement or summary

Chess Club

All pupils are welcome to attend the lunchtime chess club (Monday and Thursday). This term we will be playing UK Chess Challenge, the biggest chess tournament in the world. Those who aspire to play chess for the school are encouraged to also attend Castles Chess Club on Wednesday after school from 3.30 to 5.00 p.m.
In all cases the meetings are in (and around) F12 in the Maths Department, and further information can be obtained from Dr Cooper.

Maths Challenge Club

This club meets on Tuesday lunchtime and is for any Wilson's pupil who enjoys the challenge of tough maths problems to solve. It includes looking at past Maths Challenge and Olympiad questions, as well as interesting games and puzzles.

Mandarin Club

Mandarin club takes place on Wednesdays after school in Room 14.

Classics Club

DIscussions begin around 1.15 p.m. onwards in Room 5 on Wednesday lunchtimes. Bring your lunch. It is relaxed and fairly informal. There is of course also free chocolate for all who attend! Everyone is welcome (including Year 7) and everyone's voice has equal weight.

ICT and Computer Clubs

KS3 ECDL ICT drop in Mondays F5 1.10 - 1.50
KS4 ICT drop in Tuesdays F4 1.10 - 1.50
KS5 Computing/KS4 ICT drop in Wednesday F4 1.10 - 1.50
Wednesday Computing/ICT coursework Wednesday 3.30 - 4.30
These slots are for computing and ICT work only.

Handwriting Club

Don't let your handwriting get in the way of achieving good grades! If teachers struggle to read your handwriting, then examiners will too. It's not too late to improve your handwriting! Come to Handwriting Club on Thursday lunchtimes in Room 10 with Miss Lambert.

Wilson’s GeogSoc

Are you interested in all things Geographical? If so, then this is the place for you! Run by the Lower Sixth, every Tuesday Week A we will be exploring different geographical ideas from 1.10 to 1.50 p.m. in Room 24. Please come along with your lunch every Tuesday, see you there!

Hordes Of The Things Club

Hordes of the Things club happens every Friday at lunchtime in room 5. It is a miniature wargame in the style of Warhammer, but less complex. All miniatures and terrain are provided and the rules are easy to learn. New players are always welcome and should just turn up.

Arabic Club for Years 7 & 8

Ever wanted to learn the 5th most spoken language in the World? Then come along to F15 Mondays after school from 3.40 p.m. to
4.30 p.m. where Ms Mauthoor will be to help you learn how to read, write and speak in Arabic. Please note that there is a limited number of places (15 students maximum); allocation of spaces will be on a first come first served basis.

Creative Writing Club

Tuesday lunchtimes, Room 15, open to all year groups.
Frustrated by a lack of opportunities to expand your creative literary skills? Need help with creative writing-related curricular work? Then come to the Creative Writing Club!
Since the start of the year, we've covered numerous styles of literature, including:
• Short stories
• Classical and modern poetry
• Extended prose
Whether you're interested in becoming a better writer, you want to enter competitions or you just want the chance to express yourself outside of assessments and class work, come to Room 15 at lunchtime on Tuesdays!
Run by Year 12 students Ebruba Abel-Unokan, Charlie Stewart, Archie MacGillivray and Matt Jeffery.

Economics Club

Tuesday lunchtimes, 6F4.

Textiles Club

Fridays in F13 from 1.10 p.m.

Junior Drama Club

YEARS 7-9 Every Wednesday lunchtime at 1.20 p.m. in the Drama Suite (F23)

Geography Competition

Where in the world is this?

Congratulations to the winner last week's competition- Varun Jain, 8H who correctly identified the image first as The Great Pyramids of Giza from above in Egypt and to Samino Fernando, 8G, who won a bonus praise point for a correct entry in the Monday prize draw. 
Please come and Mr Sturt in rm 24 for your praise points.  Congratulations to all who got this correct! 
Onto this week’s competition!  Where in the world is this (include the name of the landmark and the name of the town and country)?  There are two praise points up for grabs this week.  The first for the first correct answer and then there will be a draw on Monday at break time (for another Praise point) for a correct entry received by then.  Simply email the information to ADS@...!  Get thinking (bonus praise as well if you can link to the reason this image was chosen!).

Homework Support

for History & Geography
1.10 - 1.50 pm
Tuesday A: C1
Fri A: C1
Tuesday B: C1
Friday B: C1
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