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Promotions in the CCF

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CONGRATULATIONS TO Harry Rogers and Jordan Smith who were promoted to Company Sergeant Major of the Army Section and Warrant Officer of the RAF Section respectively. This promotion is an honour because it demonstrates the Contingent Commander’s faith in their leadership ability. They now take overall responsibility for their section of the CCF and put themselves in pole position to be appointed as Regimental Sergeant Major of Wilson’s School in the new year.

Their promotions were announced by the Contingent Commander, Major Burton on parade last week and Mr Cole was present to hand the cadets their new badges of rank and offer his congratulations as Head and de-facto Commanding Officer of the Corps.

Wilson's School thanks:

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    Arkadiy Peremyslov

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    Eamonn Hoare

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    Felix Hanif-Banks

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    Josh Norman

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    Jack Shelton

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    Thomas Highwood

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    Dion Barnaby

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    Kristen Page

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    Joseph Chrysostomou

  • Stacks Image 7813

    Adam Taylor

  • Stacks Image 7840

    Christian Marti

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    Darren Alfred

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    Dulan Liyanage

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    Harry Goodburn

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    James Nash

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    Kenta Watson

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    Kirishoth Sivalogarajah

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    Neev Trehan

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    Pavan Murali

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    Philip Knott

  • Stacks Image 7978

    Ryan Shankar

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    Sergiu Vonsovici

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    Sharumilan Ravindran

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    Thomas Short

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    Vatsal Raina

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    Vyas Raina

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    Alexander Nielsen

...for all their hard work refereeing football matches on Saturday mornings and helping at Chess Club meetings and matches.

We are delighted that donations to our Quatercentenary Appeal are still coming in to the school and we would like to thank all those parents and friends of the school who have contributed, and who continue to contribute to this fund.

There is still plenty of time to donate if you have not done so already!

Full details of the campaign here.

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