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New School Captain and Deputies announced

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William will be ably supported by his Deputies: Rajiv Guha, Ezra Jackson, Husnayn Nazim, Luke Saitch and Milo Wakefield

AFTER a rigorous selection procedure, we are delighted to name Will Hicks as the School Captain for 2018-19. Will has been involved in a wide range of school activities during his time at the school, most notably the CCF. Alongside his excellent record, he is aware that leadership is about service and his record of service to the school was a significant factor in his selection.

Selection for School Captain is indeed gruelling. Letters of application are assessed alongside a wide range of other factors, culminating in a panel interview chaired by the Headmaster. Owen Child and his team have been a model of excellence in their year of service. The Headmaster often says that in senior leadership the best one can often hope for is silence — if there is silence then things must be going reasonably well! The silence this year has been deafening and this is in no small part due to the low key but highly effective leadership of the outgoing School Captain. We shall be celebrating this year's prefect team at a dinner held at the Travellers Club, Pall Mall, London shortly.

A formal assembly during which all of the prefects will receive their ties of office will take place shortly.

A Visit to the Land of Fire and Ice

by Nabeel Abdul Rasheed – 9H1
Travelling to a new country is always exciting, but travelling to a country that is far colder than your country of residence, now that's something else. So there we were, huddled together just outside Keflavik Airport, buzzing with endless chatter and excitement, only to be silenced by a chilling blast of wind. There was no doubt about it: Iceland certainly lived up to its name. But any misgivings the wind may have stirred upon me were cut down the moment I started looking around. The snow-capped mountains towered overhead, their sheer size dominating the beautiful landscape like the intricate works of an artist – only far more real.

Over the next few days, we would come to learn about the nature of this unique land, from the explosive geysers to the spectacular waterfalls; the immense glaciers to the relaxing lagoons. The accommodation too was excellent, with the most credit no doubt going to the cabin on the second night – which was exceptional in terms of comfort and convenience. Never did I imagine when I was learning about volcanoes, that I'd ever get to spend a night so close to one. And although the biting cold did occasionally dampen our spirits, the various activities thoughtfully planned by the Geography teachers kept us on our feet throughout. The highlight of the trip was the visit to the waterfall, which I found beyond amazing.

Words alone cannot describe Iceland – the land of Fire and Ice, where natural beauty (and the wind) knows no limit.

Above: Skogafoss on the ‘Golden Circle’ tour of Iceland
Below: Thingvellir between the North American and Eurasian plates
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Lessons from Auschwitz

by Harry Regan and Luke Saitch
We were ambassadors for Wilson's on the Lessons from Auschwitz programme, run by the Holocaust Educational Trust. This course explores the universal lessons of the Holocaust and its relevance for today. The project clearly highlights what can happen if prejudice and racism become acceptable.

It was apparent that we were heading out for an unusual school trip. On landing in Krakow we boarded coaches and set off for what was to be a thought provoking experience. Within an hour we had reached our first destination – the town of Oświęcim. Here we envisaged and learnt about what had previously been a thriving Jewish community. We then continued onto Auschwitz I, which was where the original camp was located for political prisoners, prior to its expansion in 1941. The buildings that housed the prisoners did not appear as menacing as we had imagined. However, through learning and seeing the cramped and horrific conditions, it was clear that our expectations were not too far from the reality. The sight of the iconic sign above the gates — arbeit macht frei (work sets you free) — was daunting, and we finally began to realise the significance of Auschwitz as an embodiment of the Holocaust. We continued through the camp passing the former belongings of thousands of ordinary yet dehumanized people. The stacks of spectacles, mountains of hair and masses of children's shoes evidently brought out a range of emotions from visitors. Our guide left us with many insightful comments that broadened our understanding of a place where the best and worst of humanity were present. The final moment on our tour of Auschwitz I was also the most infamous. As we entered the gas chambers the enormity of our visit truly began to set in. The gap for the gas tablets was small yet responsible for so many deaths. There was a silence present among us, despite not yet reaching what was to be the most profound element of our visit.

Next was Auschwitz-Birkenau, the infamous concentration camp . We were entering the world's biggest graveyard. The image of the train going into the jaws of death will forever be imprinted on our minds. It was awful to think the train journey was the last moment for over a million people. In Auschwitz-Birkenau, we had an insight into the living conditions of most Jewish prisoners, as well as the scale of the intentions of the perpetrators who planned to double the size of the camp. After touring the final site of the crematoriums, where we learnt of the heroic actions of the sonderkommando, a vigil was held by a Jewish Rabbi, who had accompanied us on the visit. To see his passion and desire to keep the legacy of the Holocaust alive had a significant impact.

Our role as ambassadors for keeping the memory of all those who suffered or perished alive is now clear to us. Since hearing from a Holocaust survivor, learning first-hand of the horrors that millions went through, and beginning to understand the responsibility of passing the message of remembrance along, the values of forgiveness and justice will be more importance to both of us after this visit.

Pictured below: Harry Regan and Luke Saitch
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a risk assessment
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Pilot Scheme & Scholarship
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by Cpl Peter Wales

In December last year, I applied for the RAF Air Cadet Pilot Scheme, and after an agonising wait I was fortunate enough to have been awarded a place. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to around 180 cadets each year from all across the country, providing them with twelve hours of flying training in a light aircraft, with the aim of completing their first solo flight. My training will take place during a two-week residential course at Tayside Aviation in Dundee, during the autumn half term this year. I am very grateful that this fantastic opportunity has been made possible for me by the Air Cadet Organisation, and the support of Plt Off Luck. It is absolutely a dream come true!
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by FSgt Vinayak Narayan

The scholarship which I have been awarded is to join the AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps). This is a programme affiliated with numerous universities across the States and is the largest source of Commissioned Officers in the USAF.

This program involves a commitment of a number of hours each week, outside your classes, to attend specific ROTC classes where I will train for the 4 years of my course to become an officer in the Air Force. This involves physical conditioning, leadership classes and also learning about the function, history and purpose of the Air Force.

In order to be granted this scholarship, firstly, I had to provide a transcript of school grades to date and sit the SAT exams. My results meant that I was eligible to join the program. After this, I then had to complete a Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) which consisted of press-ups, sit-ups and a timed 1.5-mile run. The final stage was an interview which I conducted with a serving Lt Col in the USAF which asked me about things such as examples of leadership, teamwork and academic pursuits.
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The scholarship I was awarded is known as a Type 2 scholarship. It lasts for 3 (out of 4) years of my university course and pays up to $18,000 of tuition per year. It also comes with an extra allowance towards textbooks along with a minimum $300 monthly stipend. Having finished university, members of the AFROTC are then commissioned into the Air Force as 2nd Lieutenants and incur a minimum 4-year service commitment.

To give you some context, I have applied to the following institutions which offer this program:

  • Harvard
  • Yale
  • Princeton
  • Stanford
  • UCLA

Cricket 1st IX

Team Kit Sponsorship
The PE Department is delighted that Notts Sport and McCarthy Cars have agreed to continue their sponsorship of the Wilson's School 1st X1 white and coloured kit for the 2018 season. With over 32 years' experience, Notts Sport is the leading specialist in designing, advising upon and supplying artificial surfacing systems for sport, play and leisure. NottsSport enjoys partnerships and affiliations with a number of leading industry bodies, including the ECB (England &Wales Cricket Board). McCarthy Cars is an award winning, approved used car dealer located in Croydon, with over 200 used cars in stock. Established over 45 years ago, McCarthy Cars is a family-run business and one that prides itself on looking after its customers. McCarthy Cars are proud to be a partner of Wilson's School Cricket.
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Looking Ahead

  • Monday 23 April - Used Uniform Sale (3.30 p.m.)
  • Monday 23 April - Prayer Group Meeting - all welcome (8.00 p.m.)
  • Tuesday 24 April - Young Musician of the Year Final (7.00 p.m.)
  • Thursday 26 April -Concert Visit (7.00 p.m.)
  • Thursday 3 May - Wilson’s Got Talent
  • Friday 4 May - Y8 PFA Cake Sale (3.00 p.m.)
  • Wednesday 9 May - Y7 Parents (4.00 p.m.)

Deputy Head's Reminder


Reports will be sent to parents in the coming days (Years 7-10). This is the perfect opportunity for boys to take work home to discuss with their parents in the context of assessment marks and diligence grades. Any questions should be directed to Heads of Year.
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Woodcote Green Garden Centre Vouchers

We are again collecting vouchers from Woodcote Green Garden Centre for the School. A 25p voucher is issued for every £10 spent so please do ask for these at the checkout as you buy any garden plants/tools/gifts etc. This will enable us to get free plants and equipment for the School. The collecting box for your vouchers in School is on the reception desk. Vouchers will be issued on all purchases until 31 July.
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Do you have any wool that you no longer need?

The Lower School Production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Musical "Cats" is taking place in the second week of July. With over sixty students taking part preparations are underway to create some fantastic feline outfits. The costume department are asking for donations of Brown, Black, White, Grey and Cream wool - the thicker the better but any will do. Tiny amounts as well as whole balls of wool will be gratefully received. Do you have any fake fur material or items of clothing with fur trim you no longer want? Clear out your wardrobe and put it to good use - hand it in at reception and make Mrs Straw's day!!
In the Lower School we look to reward students who have gone above and beyond in lessons and in extra-curricular activities.
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