Wilson's School

Physical Education

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Our Aims

The philosophy of the Physical Education department is to give pupils the confidence to participate in a variety of sporting activities. We want every pupil to leave with a passion to continue taking part in physical activity to maintain or improve their health. We also aim to help all pupils understand the necessity to take part in sport to appreciate winning, losing and the feeling of accomplishment when contributing to a team or individual performance.

Our Staff

Mr Parkinson (Director of Sport)
Mr Kimmins (Head of PE)
Mr Ford (Head of Games)
Mr Molyneux (Head of Badminton)
Ms Beckman (Badminton Coach)
Mr Wells (Football Lead Coach)
Mr Bullen (Cricket Lead Coach)
Mr Husband (Football Coach)
Mr Lawry (Head of Basketball)
Ms Izyk (Head of Table-Tennis)
Mr Fry (Cricket Coach)
Mr Iga (Cricket/Football Coach)
Mr Stratford (Football Coach)
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