Wilson's School

Year 9s get cooking!

This year, cookery has been part of the Y9 enrichment programme. Over the course, boys have had the opportunity to improve not only in essential cookery skills including chopping and seasoning, they have also become more confident at important life skills including team-work, time keeping, and washing up! In a one hour lesson, each team has to organise themselves to obtain and weigh out the ingredients they will need, cook, and clear up. It's tight but in general teams are very successful and there is a definite sense of collective achievement at the end of the class.

The 9 week programme consists of a series of recipes ranging from Spanish frittata, to falafels, to apple crumble, to Chinese stir-fry. Boys are able to take away what they have prepared and enjoy it as part of their lunch. Ms Mauthoor explained that she had learnt most of the recipes from her mother or her grandmother, and had enjoyed passing them on to boys at Wilson's. The last lesson in the programme is a competition – each team brings in their own ingredients and prepares a meal of their choice. This is definitely the highlight of the course, where boys have the opportunity to demonstrate the progress they have made over the 9 weeks, and produce dishes which reflect their creativity, diversity, and skill.
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