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Another outstanding performance from the CCF

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The Cambrian Patrol team, consisting of RSM Macaulay, CSM Coates, CSM Nawaz, CSgt El Bakkouri, Sgt Hopson, Cpl Kong, LCpl Hicks and LCpl St Clair-Gray, travelled to Sennybridge Training Area in the Brecon Beacons. On arrival they were immediately put to work. The team commander, RSM Macaulay, went to receive orders for the following day, while the rest of the team had a kit inspection.

With little sleep and an early start the next day, the team travelled to their start location. 0630hrs they began their patrol in full fighting order, while being closely watched by HQ using a tracker. They had 12 hours to reach 7 check points and complete 4 stands (Stalk, Pairs Fire and Manoeuvre, First Aid, Observation.) By the end of the day, they had crossed 30km of arduous terrain. 1930hrs they moved into the forest to rest for the night. Before they could sleep the IC, RSM Macaulay and 2IC, CSM Coates, received further orders for the following day. Meanwhile, the team were given a written test which challenged their knowledge of the cadet syllabus. The final task for the day was for the 2IC to make a model for the orders that the ICs would be assessed on the next day. 0630hrs, the team was awake and starting their morning routine. They needed to be ready to receive their orders and move out by 0800hrs. Once briefed, they set off by minibus to their drop-off point. From there they moved to a forming up point where they waited for their advance to contact and section attack to begin. Having destroyed the enemy positions they patrolled off to their FRV, met the minibus and returned back to HQ. The teams were given little time to clean up before they were formed up for the final parade. The team returned home having obtained a silver medal.

It was a brilliant outcome for their hard work. We're sure they would all agree the competition was challenging but fun. Thanks go to Cpt Grant for travelling with the cadets and to Col Loftus who put a lot of effort into training the team. The Contingent Commander, Major Burton, expressed his pride in the team on their return. Given that this was a new event for the unit, he was particularly impressed that only two ACF units had outperformed the newcomers.