Wilson's School

Speak Out Challenge

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Five Year 10 students gave presentations to their entire year group as part of this year's Speak Out Challenge. Kai Chang passionately outlined his dedication to following your own vision; Ashwin Venkatakrishnan complained with great wit and self-deprecating humour about the difficulties of being compared to Malala Yousafzai and his older sister; Richard Gotts talked about the importance of tolerating difference in taste, outlook and choices – and giving any chocolate-coconut combination a second chance; Callum Hockley spoke with enormous self-assurance about the endlessly warring halves of the human psyche. However, it was Karthik Kumaresan who emerged as the winner of the school's internal competition with an eminently measured, amusing and reflective talk on his indecision and the importance of seizing opportunities.

The complete Year 10 proved to be a courteous and receptive audience; speaking in front of an audience of one's peers is something that takes great skill and no little courage. Although congratulations go to Karthik who will represent the school in the borough-wide heats, the main purpose of this enterprise is to give every boy a sense that he has a voice – and the chance to make himself heard!

Photo: Wilson’s debating elite: Ashwin Venkatakrishnan admits he’s not as remarkable as Malala - yet!