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Air Experience Flight

by Harry Bowman

On Friday 7 April, 12 cadets travelled to RAF Benson with Plt Off Luck and Miss González to go flying. For most of us it would be our first experience and we arrived excited and raring to go. Once we'd been kitted out and gone through the briefings (including how to bail out), we sat patiently, helmets and aviator sunglasses on, eagerly awaiting our turn to get airborne. When my name was called, I clambered into the cockpit and, after the controls had been explained and final checks done, we taxied to the runway and took off.

Once in the air, the pilot let me fly the aircraft myself - what I'd been waiting for and an incredible experience. Sadly, it eventually had to end and the pilot took over again to take us down and land. Back on the ground, I joined in with the others talking about their flights and I can say without a doubt that we all massively enjoyed the experience and would go again without a second thought.

Congratulations to two former cadets

Congratulations to 2Lt Edward Hicks OW, a former cadet Colour Sergeant, who commissioned into the Royal Ghurkha Rifles at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst last week (below, left).

Also to Captain Seb Joyce RA, OW, a former Sergeant in the Corps who competed in and completed the gruelling Marathon des Sables, a seven day foot race in the Moroccan Sahara Desert last week (below, right). An incredible achievement.
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