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We are off to see the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

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Mrs Straw's view from back stage …

The Lower School musical production of The Wizard of Oz is fast approaching and as a consequence you may have spotted peculiar costumes and props being carried into school. Over the past few months all of the principals' costumes have been carefully designed and created - mostly out of donations and charity shop finds. It has been a huge undertaking and a labour of love which has meant a lot of extremely late nights, but the satisfaction of turning something as mundane as a flower pot into a dazzling crown has meant it has all been worth it. With Miles Robinson on the team we hope to make this show the best ever. From Winkie Guards to talking apple trees, the Cowardly Lion to the Tin Man, every costume has had its own challenges and problems to solve. Design solutions come from the oddest of places and the team have enjoyed finding new ways of repurposing and fixing materials to each other. Materials have included pipe insulation, elastic, split pins, giant baked bean tins, flower pots, lamp shades, garden wire, bottle tops, rope, table mats and fleece blankets. Wonder if you can guess what we used and where?! Why not come along for what promises to be an amazing production and see if you can spot the familiar turn into the fantastical, it's the perfect way to celebrate the end of the summer term. We have a dedicated bunch of budding actors, some fantastic vocalists, a band made up of some of our finest musicians and a back stage crew worthy of the West End.

Tickets are available via ParentPay £7 students and £9 adults Mr Kavanagh's stunning production runs for three nights from Tuesday 11 July. Don't delay, book now. Tickets are selling fast.
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